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From the CEO

Saehee Lee


In the last decade, we have seen more changes to the cosmetic brush than in the precious 100 years. The transformation from natural fibers to synthetic fibers is the largest transformation of the brush since it first started out as an artist brush to applying make-up. We've also seen an increase of suppliers for cosmetic brushes which has changed how people buy brushes. The trend in brushes seems to have moved toward fast fashion. This is a good thing for the industry as more and more people use brushes.

Baosheng, as a high end manufacturer, follows some fast fashion trends but the core of our business is about the trends of the professional versus the mass markets. We are still a traditional brush manufacturer but with an eye to match the market trends. As a supplier to the major brands throughout the world, we are the leader in innovative synthetic fibers. We started the transition to synthetic fiber brushes back in 2003 and are now completely synthetic throughout our entire line.

Our team, in Korea, can help you develop the brush you need for your business. Because we are still a custom manufacturer, we can make brush or brush line unique to your business model. 


Come see us at one of the many events throughout the year or contact us directly, and we will work with you to develop and grow your business.

We are continuing to further develop this technology

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