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 Since 1952, we have been manufacturing the highest quality brushes. Founder, Y.Q. Lee, the original innovator of brushes in Korea developed the manufacturing process learned from his travels to Japan. 

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The process of making a professional level cosmetic brush is considered to be an art form. This is still one of the few manufacturing industries that requires the work of artisans. This artistry is still evident in the manufacturing of all our brushes today. Like a high-end Swiss watch, our brushes, made by the skilled hands of artisans, are the best in the world today.

 In 1994, we saw a major transformation of the company when Jaewoo Lee, the eldest son of the founder, acquired the company and named it BaoSheng Corporation. The name "Bao" means precious treasure and "Sheng" means victory. With the new name and more growth on the horizon, he took the factory from Korea to China in 1995, when he asked his younger brother, Jungwoo, to take charge of the manufacturing side of the business.  

As a child, Jaewoo spent much of his time in the factories where his father made brushes, a skill which would later become his passion. His attention to detail and his integrity as a businessman made for strong and lasting relationships with business partners which blossomed into a network of companies that continue today to see much success in the cosmetic industry.

 His life was about making the best brushes in the industry and his passion was his business and his family. Unfortunately, his life was cut short when he passed away unexpectedly in 2007.However, his love of brushes lives on as his wife, Saehee, and his brother, Jungwoo, continue to run the business he loved. BaoSheng, with two factories in China, is a complete brush manufacturer. With capabilities ranging from Woodworking to Injection Molding and Metal Stamping, all brush components are manufactured and controlled under our management.

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